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»Most surprising, perhaps, is the growing sense of implausibility as the stupid decisions of clever people turn the piece into an increasingly histrionic melodrama. Not even the best efforts of Beattie and a fine supporting cast can save this criminally misjudged experiment from itself.«

Mark Brown

It features fine performances, but Ian Rankin’s debut play Dark Road is a criminally misjudged experiment, says Mark Brown. His review of the play at The Telegraph.

»I know some people will say, ›Once a writer’s dead, leave their characters alone.‹ But so many famous dead writers are having this done – James Bond, Sherlock Holmes – it becomes a kind of weird omission if Agatha Christie doesn’t have that done for her. It almost feels it needs to be done. I think it is great that beloved characters from fiction don’t have to die.«

Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah is to write a new Herucle Poirot novel 93 years after Agatha Christie first introduced him in The Mysterious Affair at Styles and 38 years after she killed him off in Curtain. Mark Brown reports at The Guardian.