Depeschen mit dem Leitwort

»Though entertaining and atmospheric, Hanging Devils is often predictable.«

»The Civil Servant’s Notebook reads a bit like a thriller, albeit one that has soaked too long in a postmodern sauna.

Ilaria Maria Sala

Illaria Maria Sala about two crime novels set in China: The Civil Servant’s Notebook by Wang Xiaofang and Hanging Devils: Hong Jun Investigates by He Jiahong. Her review at The Wall Street Journal.

»While Snow White Must Die hinges on universal themes and emotions like envy, guilt, lust and vengeance, it’s also unabashedly German. The characters eat jagerschnitzel and have names like Hartmut Sartorius and Udo Pietsch

Alexandra Alter

The inevitable Jägerschnitzel: Alexandra Alter about Snow White Must Die (dt.: Schneewittchen muss sterben) by german crime writer Nele Neuhaus, which will be released next week in the US. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

»When Rebus retired, I still wanted to write detective novels and I still wanted to write about Edinburgh, so I had to invent another detective who would allow me to do that. I didn’t want readers to feel that they were getting Rebus light, so I needed my detective to be a very different kind of character—psychologically different, philosophically different.«

Ian Rankin

In his latest novel Standing in Another Man’s Grave Ian Rankin brings back John Rebus. Alexandra Alter talked to the crime writer – read more at The Wall Street Journal.