Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Woody Haut

  • Ask Not by Max Allan Collins
  • Under the Eye of God by Jerome Charyn
  • Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliot Chaze
  • Snitch World by Jim Nisbet
  • Others of My Kind by James Sallis
  • The Maid’s Version by Daniel Woodrell
  • 3 Steps to Hell by Arnold Hano
  • Dead Lions by Mick Herron
  • Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives ed. by Sarah Weinman
  • Laidlaw by William McIlvanney

The king of noir Woody Haut picks the best of 2013. His list and other favorites you will find at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Two years after the fire, and a few months after finishing his novel Ah, Treachery!, Ross Thomas died of lung cancer at the age of 69. Of course, within a couple years, most of his work would be out of print, and remain so for the better part of a decade. Fortunately, St. Martin’s would eventually reprint many of his works, each accompanied by introductions from the likes of Donald E. Westlake, T. Jefferson Parker, Robert B. Parker, Sara Paretsky, and Lawrence Block. I’m still waiting, however, for a full-fledged Ross Thomas revival. It’s nothing less than he deserves.«

Woody Haut

Why has Ross Thomas fallen out of favor? Woody Haut with a retrospective about the author of books like Chinaman’s Chance or Ah, Treachery!. His worth reading essay at The Los Angeles Review of Books.