Depeschen mit dem Leitwort William Boyd

»And Mr. Boyd has received mixed reviews from the public and from critics, perhaps because the James Bond many readers have come to expect is not Fleming’s at all, but the much more exciting cinematic version.«

Sarah Lyall

Star characters, spun anew, may live well more than twice: Sarah Lyall about the return of James Bond, Jeeves and Philip Marlowe in new books by William Boyd, Sebastian Faulks and John Banville (aka Benjamin Black). Her view at The New York Times.

Neue Krimis zum Hören und zum Lesen gibt es bei den Kolleginnen und Kollegen vom Krimikiosk zu entdecken. Nicole Ludwig und Jörg Völker stellen Bücher von William Boyd, Markus Topf, Rita Falk, Robert Kviby und Jörg Böhm vor. Reinschauen!

»More than half a century on, Boyd proves that there are plenty of pages left in 007’s passport and many miles still to fly in first class, a willing stewardess and a martini within reach. I doubt his creator could have done it better. «

Olen Steinhauer

You only live forever: Writer Olen Steinhauer about the latest James Bond novel Solo by William Boyd. His review at The New York Times.