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»But remarkably, Lynch’s distinctive narrative voice carries us along as though hypnotized. It’s lush, febrile and overwritten to such a degree that Lynch almost seems to be pulling some very wry Irish prank.«

Steve Donoghue

A poor tenant farmer kills his landlord’s son — and runs for his life. Steve Donoghue about the novel Red Sky in Morning by Paul Lynch. His review at The Washington Post.

»It’s only fair to note that this is an early novel, written nearly 20 years ago. Writers mature, and The Midas Murders may not be representative of Aspe’s later work. Seen strictly on its own terms, it is a minor, easily forgettable effort that does nothing to challenge Simenon’s position in the pantheon of Belgian novelists.«

Bill Sheehan

Precise evocation of the medieval city of Bruges: Bill Sheehan about the novel The Midas Murders by Pieter Aspe. His review at The Washington Post.

»Note that many of these stories turn on simple theft, of diamonds or candlesticks or a lottery ticket; they hark back to simpler days before the modern thriller began to provide endless serial killers and ax murderers for our edification. To read today’s talented crime writers can be a pleasure, but it’s good to be reminded that they build on the work of others whose talents remain undimmed. «

Patrick Anderson

Yuletide fun and crime: Patrick Anderson about the anthology Big Book of Christmas Mysteries, edited by Otto Penzler. His review at The Washington Post.