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Jakob Arjouni, Truman Capote, Tom Clancy – das sind einge der Autoren, die es in die aktuelle Oktober-Ausgabe des Krimi-Depeschen-Flip geschafft haben. Sie sind allerdings nicht die einzigen, und wenn nichts dazwischen kommt, werden noch einige Autoren mehr im Laufe des Monats hinzukommen. Das Krimi-Depeschen-Flip-Magazin ist das Online-Krimi-Magazin, das mit jedem Tag größer wird. Also, wenn Sie ein wenig Lust verspüren, doch mal wieder herumzuflippen – hier geht es zur akutellen Ausgabe, ältere Ausgaben finden Sie hier.

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»For years, Alvin Dewey insisted that In Cold Blood was factual, and the humble lawman’s stamp of approval was evinced, by those who were inclined to believe the book, as a badge of its accuracy. He had furnished Capote with the access and materials to tell the true parts of his story, and had permitted the author to stretch the truth, in making, of Dewey, a hero. He was, in this subtle sense, a co-conspirator.«

Patrick Radden Keefe

Patrick Radden Keefe about Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and question about the image of Alvin Dewey, the lead detective in this case. Read the essay at The New Yorker.

Read also: Capote Classic ‚In Cold Blood‘ Tainted by Long-Lost Files. By Kevin Helliker. At The Wall Street Journal.

»Looked at in this way, it isn’t hard to see why In Cold Blood so completely shattered Capote: in Perry Smith, and his check-kiting partner in crime Richard Hickock, Capote was encountering his nightmare image of himself, what he could become if he ever lost his chameleon-like talent.«

Michael Bourne

‘God, Let Me Be Loved’: The Tragedy of Truman Capote. A portrait by Michael Bourne at The Millions.