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»Men in Miami Hotels has very little in common with the output of Carl Hiaasen; it’s a slightly old-fashioned work that never bothered to evolve along with its beefcake Florida peers. Its murders don’t seem to have much to do with the newspaper, at least not this week — for all its death and disaster, this novel is mercifully shaded from Florida glare by some kind of attractive scented tree.«

Lydia Kiesling

Florida glare and lyrical gangster: Lydia Kiesling about the novels Men in Miami Hotels and Three Delays by Charlie Smith. Her review at The Millions.

»A Delicate Truth presents an exceedingly dark vision of an increasingly privatized world of intelligence and warfare.«

Emily St. John Mandel

War is just business: Emily St. John Mandel about the spy novel A Delicate Truth by John le Carré. Her review you will find at The Millions.