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»I was always a big fan of fast-paced crime friction and suspense thrillers. Elmore Leonard. Raymond Chandler. Agatha Christie. P.D. James. I loved how they assembled a plot and then took it apart logically, but always kept you guessing. I wanted to write like they did.«

Kathy Reichs

A big fan of fast-paced crime friction: Read an interview with Kathy Reichs at The Globe and Mail.

  • Sandrine’s Case by Thomas H. Cook
  • Police by Jo Nesbø
  • Barrett Fuller’s Secret by Scott Carte
  • Strange Shores by Arnaldur Indriðason
  • Light In A Dark House by Jan Costin Wagner
  • The Ways Of The World by Robert Goddard
  • Dexter’s Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay

Seven at one blow: Margaret Cannon about new crime fiction novels by Thomas H. Cook, Jo Nesbø, Scott Carte, Arnaldur Indriðason, Jan Costin Wagner, Robert Goddard and Jeff Lindsay. Her reviews at The Globe and Mail.

»The best scene in Doctor Sleep – one of the best scenes King has ever written – comes early, when we see an alcoholic Dan hit bottom. It is sheer terror, completely repulsive, yet addictive – the horror from which you cannot look away.«

Jared Bland

Trouble sleeping? Read Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, Jared Bland says. His review of Doctor Sleep at The Globe and Mail.