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»Crime and noir have always told the story of people who decide to cross an invisible, but palpable moral line. It then measures the wreckage—physical, emotional, and spiritual—that results from the voluntary crossing over into another ethical universe—a colder, tougher, and uglier universe. These same questions haunt the tales of The Bible and the lives of the saints.«

David Masciotra

If you are looking for god in fiction you will find him in crime fiction, David Masciotra says. His essay Where’s the Faith in Fiction? Try Crime Novels about religion you can read at The Daily Beast.

»Other influences are more obvious. There’s Raymond Chandler, more palpable in Telegraph Avenue’s plentiful and surprising similes than in any of Chabon’s other work save The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

Josh Dzieza

Josh Dzieza talkes with Michael Chabon about what drives him to create characters that bond over comics, records or detective fiction—it has to do with his own geeky infatuations. Read more at The Daily Beast.