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»Peace is a great writer, but it seems like he deserves a critical drubbing for Red or Dead. You never know, maybe he’ll receive a phone call from a fellow writer from across the pond who’ll tell him, »Don’t worry pal, I’ve been there.««

Steve Powell

In his fine blog The Venetian Vase Steve Powell writes about the resemblance and the difference of James Ellroy and David Peace and why it seems that history repeats itself.

»It is a highly accomplished, fast-paced psychological drama in which the reader unwillingly sympathises with Dix Steele even though it is obvious from quite early on that he is a sociopath, and most likely a rapist and murderer.«

Chris Routledge

Book and film: Chris Routledge about the novel In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes and the film adaption by Nicholas Ray. Read more at the fine blog The Venetian Vase.

»Ultimately, like Walden, I have reservations about crime writers using novels to preach their political views, even if they are distinguished as le Carré.«

Steve Powell

A worth reading blogspot by Steve Powell: Should Crime Novels Be More Political? Read more at Steve’s blog The Venetian Vase.