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»As far as characters in fiction that I really admire–it’s pretty strong to say you would wish that you had created another character–but I’ll throw out Will Graham, the protagonist in Red Dragon, a book I’ve read several times.«

Michael Connelly

»In terms of characters I wish I had created–just because I haven’t dealt with anything like them–I’m really impressed by characters who can endure over time, whether that be a long series run like a Harry Bosch, or a character who endures over generations and continues to please readers: Sherlock Holmes

Michael Koryta

A conversation between the two Michaels: Michael Connelly (The Black Box) and Michael Koryta (The Prophet) talking about their favorite characters, about their work in journalism and of course about their new books. Read more at the new Bookish-Site.

  • The Black Box by Michael Connelly
  • Harbour Nocturne by Joseph Wambaugh
  • The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter by Malcolm Mackay
  • The Prophet by Michael Koryta
  • Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

Mark Sanderson about five new crime fiction novels. His short reviews at The Telegraph.

»It’s sacred and, therefore, I work at it and safeguard it. Very few things that are as deeply fulfilling as writing are easy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.«

Michael Connelly

Ellen Sterling with a portrait of writer Michael Connelly, who has just published his 17th Hieronymous „Harry“ Bosch Novel The Black Box. Read on at

  • The Black Box by Michael Connelly
  • A Death In The Small Hours by Charles Finch
  • Crashed by Timothy Hallinan
  • Beware This Boy by Maureen Jennings

Four new crime fiction novels, reviewed by Marilyn Stasio. Read more at The New York Times.

»As well, the author devotes no little space to the developing relationship between Bosch and his teenaged daughter, Maddie, who is becoming a fully fleshed character in her own right. Could he be grooming her to succeed her father on the force, à la Kurt Wallender’s daughter Linda?«

H.J. Kirchhoff

Michael Connelly’s latest novel The Black Box keeps crime writer’s streak alive, H. J. Kirchhoff says. Read the review at The Globe and Mail.

»Yet what lingers in the mind after reading The Black Box are the more complex moral dilemmas that arise for Bosch, which he has faced countless times throughout his career.«

Paula Woods

Paula Woods about the new Harry Bosch novel The Black Box by Michael Connelly. Her review at Los Angeles Times.

»Hey, Harry, it wouldn’t kill you to lighten up sometimes. But thanks for believing so fervently in justice.«

Janet Maslin

The Black Box, the new novel by Michael Connelly, marks 20 years of Harry Bosch books. So Janet Maslin is celebrating Harry (Hieronymous) Bosch with her review – at

»All this was too obvious, pulp material, and Nine Dragons was one of Connelly’s lesser efforts. This one, detailing the love between father and daughter, as well as the inevitable conflicts, is far more satisfying.«

Patrick Anderson

The Black Box is the 18th Bosch novel by Michael Connelly. Why this is the finest crime series written by an american, Patrick Anderson explains at