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»With a bit more verve, and a more characterful investigator, this could have been a smart, pointed Italian crime story. But, as it is, Death of a Showgirl fails to stand out from the crowd.«

Terry Ramsey

A short review: Terry Ramsey about Death of a Showgirl by Tobias Jones. His view at The Telegraph.

»However, like many good writers, Lovesey can get carried away and, at 400 pages, The Tooth Tattoo outstays its welcome – the sheer number of words weighing it down by the end.«

Terry Ramsey

Despite the bravura opening, The Tooth Tattoo is not Peter Lovesey at his best, says Terry Ramsey. Read the review at The Telegraph.

»Under Your Skin more than a hint of chick-lit combined with I’m-trapped-in-a-nightmare terror.This turns out to be a winning mix.«

Terry Ramsey

Well constructed and beautifully paced: Terry Ramsey about the novel Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant. His review at The Telegraph.