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»And this is the pleasure of Telegraph Avenue. We are HERE, we are THERE. We are in high literature, we are indulging in the deep pleasures of genre, and the only lie that we have to accept is that these things are, in the end, different.«

Carmen Machado

The discussion of genre fiction and literary fiction as two distinct and separate entities is dead, Carmen Machado says. What this thesis has to do with Michael Chabon’s new novel Telegraph Avenue you can explore at her fine review at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Other influences are more obvious. There’s Raymond Chandler, more palpable in Telegraph Avenue’s plentiful and surprising similes than in any of Chabon’s other work save The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

Josh Dzieza

Josh Dzieza talkes with Michael Chabon about what drives him to create characters that bond over comics, records or detective fiction—it has to do with his own geeky infatuations. Read more at The Daily Beast.