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»In literature, too, many Northern writers are touched by the same intangible geist, the echoes of post-industrialisation, the employment vacuum left by heavy industry, and the ever-present – if sometimes unspoken – dislike of anyone London-based.«

AK Nawaz

Welcome to the north: AK Nawaz about Scottish crime fiction – aka Tartan Noir – and Scandic detective stories. His essay at The Guardian.

»Sometimes we present ourselves in a less than complimentary light, which is a pity. The portrayal of Scotland disappoints me. There is urban dysfunction and violence in Scotland, and aggression, but that’s not the whole picture.«

Alexander McCall Smith

Author Alexander McCall Smith has spoken out against the dark depiction of Scotland by his fellow Scottish writers. His view on ‚tartan noir‘ at

»Whatever the reason, if Scots are so „chirpy,“ as Edinburgh’s Scotsman newspaper put it, why is there such grisly violence and deep psychological distress in their crime fiction? And why is crime fiction this bonnie land’s favorite genre to begin with?«

Lloyd Sachs

Answers to this questions are coming from four of the top practitioners of Tartan Noir. Lloyd Sachs talked with Denise Mina, Val McDermid, Ian Rankin and Stuart MacBride about the dark side of Scotland. His essay you will find at the Printers Row at the Chicago Tribune.