Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Steve Mosby

Writers at Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival 2013.

Short interviews with Ruth Rendell, Steve Mosby, Mark Billingham & Martyn Waites, Stav Sherez, Michael Robotham, Alex Marwood, Lee Child, Lauren Beukes, Nicci French, Ann Cleeves, Helen Fitzgerald, Sebastian Fitzek, Louise Penny, Lyndsay Faye, Sarah Pinborugh, Simon Kernick.

Interviews by Stacy Patton.

»Fictional violence is not real violence, but the two inevitably touch: stones skipping across mirrored seas. Does fictional violence influence the real world? Yes, surely, but not in any predictable way.«

Steve Mosby

Writing crime fiction: Author Steve Mosby with some vague thoughts on real life violence and crime fiction. Read his blogpost at the left room.

»You know the kind of thing: the lone detective who comes into his apartment late at night, gets a beer or bourbon and stares out of the window wracked by existential angst at the horror he’s seen, all the while listening to cool jazz. And it’s always cool jazz – never Chris Barber doing When The Saints Go Marching In

Martyn Waites

You’re more likely to see other crime writers at gigs than literary events, so what role does music have in the creation of crime fiction? Martyn Waites asked crime writers like Mark Billingham, Steve Mosby and Cathi Unsworth about music to murder to. His blogspot at The Guardian.