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»But remarkably, Lynch’s distinctive narrative voice carries us along as though hypnotized. It’s lush, febrile and overwritten to such a degree that Lynch almost seems to be pulling some very wry Irish prank.«

Steve Donoghue

A poor tenant farmer kills his landlord’s son — and runs for his life. Steve Donoghue about the novel Red Sky in Morning by Paul Lynch. His review at The Washington Post.

»Soderberg has messily overpopulated his narrative with characters who are difficult to tell apart, and some of his dialogue strains for tough-guy cadence. But he puts his cinematic background to good use, creating one tense scene after another and jump-cutting all the way to a climax that’s as bloody as something out of Njals Saga.«

Steve Donoghue

Cinematic-style tension: Steve Donoghue about the thriller The Andalucian Friend by the Swedish author Alexander Soderberg. His review at The Washington Post.

»Here the natural exuberance of Atkinson’s prose — a late-September afternoon is described as “crisp as an apple” — is brought into sharp, precise control. Buried inside Life After Life is the best Blitz novel since Sarah Waters’s The Night Watch.«

Steve Donoghue

Editor and critic Steve Donoghue about the novel Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. His review you will find at The Washington Post.