Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Stephan Talty

  • The Honey Guide by Richard Crompton
  • Black Irish by Stephan Talty
  • Norwegian by Night Derek B. Miller
  • The House on the Cliff by Charlotte Williams
  • Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino

Five new crime fiction novels reviewed by Laura Wilson in her famous crime fiction roundup. Read more at The Guardian.

»Both books agree about Garbo’s great importance to the war effort. And neither delves too deeply into the mind-set that made him such a skilled fantasist about “notional” agents, invasion plans and armies that did not exist: in other words, such a gifted liar.«

Janet Maslin about Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies by Ben Macintyre and Agent Garbo: The Brilliant, Eccentric Secret Agent Who Tricked Hitler and Saved D-Day by Stephan Talty. Her review at