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»In conclusion, while crime fiction may be an important subject for postmodern literary analysis, the claim that it fills the gap left by the “political novel” of the 1980s and early 1990s by providing social, historical and political insight into contemporary South Africa appears unfounded.«

Anneke Rautenbach

Freelance journalist and writer Anneke Rautenbach with an essay about crime fiction in South Africa. Her worth reading article you will find at litnet.

»Hammett, Cain and Chandler in my opinion belong to realism as much as Hemingway, Döblin, Dos Passos and Steinbeck (the latter I would even put into naturalism).«

Gunter Blank

Once again an e-mail by Gunter Blank to Mike Nicol with a hot topic: Realism in crime fiction. Read the email exchange at Crime Beat @ Books LIVE.

»South African writer Mike Nicol says there is „a range of serious black baddies who call the shots throughout my revenge trilogy, including the uber-baddy Sheemina February who of course is not a man but a woman“. He also lists Margie Orford, Roger Smith, Margaret von Klemperer, Richard Kunzmann, Wessel Ebersohn and Deon Meyer as SA crime writers who have featured some formidable black villains.«

Fiona Snyckers

„Is crime fiction ready for black villains?“ Fiona Snyckers asks in her essay about South African crime writers. Her essay at