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»All in all, Ripper is a curious mix: a literary banquet overflowing with morsels of Nancy Drew, mouthfuls of Agatha Christie, a sprinkle of Barbara Cartland and dashes of James Patterson and Tom Clancy.«

Sophia Martelli

Isabel Allende’s San Francisco serial-killer story Ripper displays her customary gift for strong characterisation and fine narrative detail, Sophia Martelli says. Her review at The Guardian / The Observer.

»Slow Fade may have been published in 1984, but this short, potent novel about death and the movie business has the atmosphere of the 1960s about it: eclectic locations (India to Newfoundland via New Mexico and California), anarchic characters and, overall, it’s a bit cracked.«

Sophia Martelli

Slow Fade by Rudolph Wurlitzer is a raucous story of an egomaniacal film director, Sophia Martelli says. Her review at The Observer / The Guardian.