Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Solo

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»More than half a century on, Boyd proves that there are plenty of pages left in 007’s passport and many miles still to fly in first class, a willing stewardess and a martini within reach. I doubt his creator could have done it better. «

Olen Steinhauer

You only live forever: Writer Olen Steinhauer about the latest James Bond novel Solo by William Boyd. His review at The New York Times.

»Readers will root for this Bond, of course. Not because he’s James Bond or a close facsimile thereof, but because he’s this thriller’s designated hero.«

Michiko Kakutani

William Boyd, authorized by the Ian Fleming estate to write a new James Bond book, has set his novel in Africa. Michiko Kakutani about Solo at The New York Times.

»Each of the books in this new series has been distinctive and enjoyable in its own way, but Solo strikes me as perhaps the boldest departure — still demonstrably a Bond novel but also a Boyd one, with richer and deeper concerns coursing right alongside the Flemingesque flourishes that should keep fans satisfied, as well.«

Art Taylor

Back to the late ’60s: Art Taylor about Solo, the latest James Bond novel by William Boyd. His review at The Washington Post.