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»In my mind The Big O is set in very specific locations in and around my hometown of Sligo, but I was deliberate in not giving the story a particular setting because I was trying to suggest that crimes and their consequences are universal – i.e., that story could have taken place in any mid-sized town anywhere around the world.

Declan Burke

»Generally though I think the curious thing about the crime fiction genre is how much freedom there is within it. While readers have some pre-conceptions about what they expect from a crime novel the whole point of the genre is that they want to be surprised – so I think there’s a bit of flexibility in there for writers.«

William Ryan

Let’s talk about crime fiction: William Ryan (his new novel The Twelfth Department will be published in May 2013) in conversation with Declan Burke (latest novel The Big O out as an e-book). Read the fourth instalment of a interesting series of conversations at Shotsmag.