Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Serial Killer

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»Like science fiction, serial killers twist our values on their head and allow us to reflect back on ourselves — What would happen if our planet had two suns instead of one? Or if we communicated through telepathy? — and, in the case of serial killers — what if you didn’t care if you killed someone? Or took pleasure in the killing? Serial killers are big business.«

Deji Olukotun

Thriller writer Deji Olukotun (latest book Nigerians in Space) with a story about a serial killer in his hometown. Read his article at The Millions.

»When I was planning Chalk Valley, I decided I wanted to tell a different story than the usual serial-murder tale. I wanted to write one that explored the human drama of these investigations. There’s no mystery who the killer is in Chalk Valley

D.L. Johnstone

D.L. Johnstone, author of the crime thriller Chalk Valley, about serial-murder investigations. His worth reading essay at The Rap Sheet.

»When I was growing up, my favorite book was Erich Kästner’s Emil and the Detectives, about a gang of kids on the heels of a thief in 1920s Berlin. To this day, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a pacey thriller set in my adopted city.«

Jane Paulick

Jane Paulick with an essay about spies and serial killers in Berlin. Read more at