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»Presumed Innocent is a wildly innovative work of fiction that upends several genres at once while simultaneously creating an entirely new subgenre of its own. But after that book, Turow stopped innovating. His later books, including this year’s Identical, while all a cut above the general run of mystery novels, stay obediently within the proscribed lines of their genre.«

Michael Bourne

Not merely a well-crafted legal thriller: Michael Bourne about the novel Presumed Innocent (published in 2011) by Scott Turow. His review at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Still, Turow is Turow. As the novel makes its way to its conclusion, it steadily picks up speed and interest. His plot is characteristically complicated — some readers may find some parts of it implausible, though they were okay by me — and he wraps things up in satisfactory fashion. I admit that I did figure out well in advance who did it, but I’m not telling.«

Jonathan Yardley

In Identical, a 25-year-old murder resurfaces and threatens to take down an up-and-coming politician. Jonathan Yardley reviews the latest thriller by Scott Turow at The Washington Post.

»Identical has many parts and moods. It has treats and shortcomings, like a trip to a city with a lot of different neighborhoods. One might wish Identical more streamlined, but that would not do justice to the bustling landscape that is Kindle County.«

Adam Liptak

Visit Kindle County: Adam Liptak about the novel Identical by Scott Turow. The review at The New York Times.