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»Crime fiction is entertainment, and Denise Mina is always entertaining. But the best crime writers are never only entertainers, because, as Nicholas Freeling wrote, »crime is a phenomenon of significance as much metaphysical as material. Inherent is a destruction of mind more frequent than that of body«.«

Allan Massie

A cracker of a crime novel: Allan Massie about The Red Road by Denise Mina. His review you will find at

»Sometimes we present ourselves in a less than complimentary light, which is a pity. The portrayal of Scotland disappoints me. There is urban dysfunction and violence in Scotland, and aggression, but that’s not the whole picture.«

Alexander McCall Smith

Author Alexander McCall Smith has spoken out against the dark depiction of Scotland by his fellow Scottish writers. His view on ‚tartan noir‘ at

»Elsewhere Le Carré evokes the voice of an angry working-class Northern Irish woman via ludicrously frequent recourse to the F-word, which just feels clumsy and silly. But patchy though this novel can get (and mysterious though its author’s ultimate point remains), it’s tense, twisty, and driven by a melancholy insight into human motivation that keep it deeply compelling to read.«

Hannah McGill

In a recent article marking the 50th anniversary of the publication of his famed novel The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, John le Carré identified that book’s central question as, »How far can we go in rightful defence of our Western values without abandoning them along the way?«

A half-century on, he argued, this quandary still stands. »Is he right?« asks Hannah McGill in her review of Mr. le Carrés latest novel A Delicate Truth. Her answers you can read at