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»Vor keineswegs Rosa-in-Rosa gemaltem, oft genug dunklem Hintergrund schuf Banks mit seiner Science-fiction fortan ökonomische, evolutionäre und mathematisch-physikalische Gedankenspiele, die allesamt davon handeln, dass dem Erfindergeist und dem Kunstsinn noch viel zu tun bleibt, wenn leiblicher Mangel und historisch ererbte Unfreiheit samt sonstigen peinlichen Erdenresten (»Scarcity«) dermaleinst überwunden sein werden.«

Dietmar Dath

Bei der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung ist der Nachruf von Dietmar Dath auf den verstorbenen Autor Iain Banks erschienen.

»The great thing about writing is that you can write about anything. Twain and Dickens crossed genre all the time. It’s a natural thing.«

Walter Mosley

Amy Goldschlager in conversation with Walter Mosley about his latests novel Little Green and his SF novellas Stepping Stone and Love Machine. Read the portrait and interview at Kirkus Reviews.

»One could argue that this is Sawyer’s way of appropriating the tone of classic noir – of Raymond Chandler or Carroll John Daly or Dashiell Hammett, whose novel The Maltese Falcon provides an explicit template for Red Planet Blues

Jared Bland

Editor Jared Bland about the novel Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer. Read the review at The Globe and Mail.

»But while there are many great living novelists, there is only one, at least who I know of, who realised you could do literature and sci-fi at the same time.«

Tom Chivers

A Blogpost by Telegraph’s assistant comment editor Tom Chivers about Iain Banks. For years, Iain M. Banks has done for sci-fi what George RR Martin did for fantasy, Mr. Chivers says. His articel at The Telegraph.

»If you’re new to the SF work, start with the half-backwards mercenary thriller Use of Weapons or the shady imperial strategies of The Player of Games, but, middle initial or not, you won’t go far wrong. Both of Banks are brilliant, and British writing will be far less incisive and fun when he stops.«

Tim Martin

Following Iain Banks’s announcement that he has inoperable cancer, Tim Martin looks back at the novelist’s mind-expanding oeuvre. His essay at The Telegraph.

»So, in a way, Bedlam is that dreaded thing, a computer game tie-in – information I’ve deliberately held back until now, because I didn’t want to put you off.«

Sam Jordison

Reviewer Sam Jordison takes an electrifying journey from Jet Set Willy to the very nature of existence with the new book Bedlam by Christopher Brookmyre. His review at The Guardian.