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»In literature, too, many Northern writers are touched by the same intangible geist, the echoes of post-industrialisation, the employment vacuum left by heavy industry, and the ever-present – if sometimes unspoken – dislike of anyone London-based.«

AK Nawaz

Welcome to the north: AK Nawaz about Scottish crime fiction – aka Tartan Noir – and Scandic detective stories. His essay at The Guardian.

»Yet Scandinavia has a number of hidden competitive strengths: a long tradition of blood-soaked sagas; an abundance of gloomy misfits; a brooding landscape; and a tradition of detective writing (Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall, a husband-and-wife team, enjoyed local success in the 1960s with their ten-volume Martin Beck series).«


What the Nordic crime-writing boom says about globalisation: N.N. on those bloody Scandinavians at