Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Sarah Lyall

»And Mr. Boyd has received mixed reviews from the public and from critics, perhaps because the James Bond many readers have come to expect is not Fleming’s at all, but the much more exciting cinematic version.«

Sarah Lyall

Star characters, spun anew, may live well more than twice: Sarah Lyall about the return of James Bond, Jeeves and Philip Marlowe in new books by William Boyd, Sebastian Faulks and John Banville (aka Benjamin Black). Her view at The New York Times.

»Atkinson’s true genius is structure. Her books wend forward and backward, follow multiple stories from multiple points of view, throw dozens of balls up in the air — but always conclude with loose ends tied up, so that everything makes sense.«

Sarah Lyall

The New York Times correspondent Sarah Lyall with a worth reading portrait about british novelist Kate Atkinson (latest novel: Life After Life). Read more at The New York Times.

»Murder — and the psychological implications around it — is, in a lot of ways, one of the biggest mysteries of the human mind,« she said. »Writing psychological mystery is a way to explore these huge mysteries that I’ll never actually understand.«

Tana French

Tana French puts her career into perspective as her latest murder mystery, Broken Harbor, sits on the best-seller list. Read the portrait by Sarah Lyall at