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»Saints of the Shadow Bible is a clever, subtle read, but most of all, it’s a genuine pleasure to see Rebus back in the CID.«

Alison Flood

Ian Rankin’s decision to bring John Rebus out of retirement to rake over the past was the right one, says Alison Flood. Her review of the novel Saints of the Shadow Bible by Mr. Rankin you can read at The Guardian.

»Die Annäherung an Malcolm Fox tut Rebus jedenfalls nicht gut, auch wenn es bisweilen großartige Dialoge gibt, weshalb Saints für alle Rebus-Freunde natürlich eine Pflichtlektüre ist.«

Marcus Müntefering

Neuer Fall für John Rebus:
Marcus Müntefering über Saints Of The Shadow Bible von Ian Rankin. Seine Kritik im feinen Blog Krimi-Welt.

»Before that happens, though, he [Ian Rankin] has to deal with the launch of the latest Rebus book, Saints of the Shadow Bible (a quote from Leven’s song One Man, One Guitar) in November; and as we speak, he’s enjoying lunch on a break from rehearsing his first stage play, Dark Road, in the studio space across from Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre.«

David Pollock

His Rebus novels have sold in their millions – now Ian Rankin is out to prove that his crime drama can work in the theatre and with a female sleuth. A portrait by David Pollock at The Independent.