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Auld Reekie . . . Edinburgh . . . brewers’ town, stinking of beer, whisky, tweeness, gentility, hypocrisy, corruption . . .«

In Saints of the Shadow Bible, Ian Rankin’s detective is still reliable, but not as robust as he was, says Cecilia Grayson. Read more at The Spectator.

»One of the joys of Ian Rankin’s Rebus detective novels – apart from their intricate plotting and on-the-money descriptions of police procedures – is the soap opera: the complex interweaving of characters we have come to know and love, or, in some cases, to dislike or even hate, and sometimes love and hate together.«

Jack Kirchhoff

Quick-step prose: Jack Kirchhoff on the novel Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin. His review at The Globe and Mail.