Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Robert Wilson

Abendbrot Auswahl

Sehen wir uns? Der Krimi-Depeschen-Dienststellenleiter freut sich sehr, erneut als Gast beim „Stories!“-Abendbrot geladen zu sein. Am Dienstag, den 17. September, am Freitag, den 20. September und am Donnerstag, den 26. September stelle ich diese vier Lieblingskrimis vor.

Da ich noch letzte Vorbreitungen treffen muss, kann es hier bei den Krimi-Depeschen noch bis Mittwoch zu Verzögerungen kommen.

»Those African novels are written in the noir style, first-person singular, with the world seen through the eyes of Bruce Medway, an Englishman who’s crossed the desert on a travel adventure and ended up in West Africa trying to find a way to make a living.«
»There is a similarity with Bruce Medway in that Boxer has an interest and attraction to the dark side. He has, however, gone several strides further than Bruce in embracing it. He also has an association with an African detective who is firmly in the camp of the good, but in Boxer’s case Mercy [Danquah], his ex-partner, is not close enough to be able to influence his behavior. «

Robert Wilson

Yesterday I mentioned the interview with Robert Wilson at Kirkus Reviews. Today you should have a look at the long version.

J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with crime fiction wirter Robert Wilson. Mr. Wilson talking about his African noir novels, his Javier Falcón series, his standalones and of course about his new novel Capital Punishment. A brilliant interview and you will find it at The Rap Sheet.

»I was delighted when my Spanish editor in Barcelona bought Capital Punishment and told my agent: “It’s like discovering a whole new Robert Wilson.” This means I’m not standing still.«

Robert Wilson

J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with crime fiction writer Robert Wilson about Mr. Wilson’s latests novel Capital Punishment. Read the interview at Kirkus Reviews.