Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Richard House

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»But as to the book itself, it is well worth ejecting five or six conventional thrillers from your holiday luggage and devoting yourself to The Kills for a few days. Like all the best thrillers, it takes you on a hell of a ride, even if by the end you’re not quite sure where exactly it is you’ve arrived at.«

Jake Kerridge

Jake Kerridge is hugely impressed by a 1,000-page multimedia thriller nominated for the Man Booker Prize. His review of The Kills by Richard House you can read at The Telegraph.

»Underlying all this is a novel within the novel, about a notorious copycat murder – based on a murder in a novel – that may not have taken place.«

Kate Pullinger

A digitally augmented novel about the shady world of contractors in postwar Iraq deserves its Booker longlisting. Kate Pullinger about the novel The Kills by Richard House. Her review at The Guardian.