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»And that’s a little bit depressing sometimes. When you get to page 100 and something and you say, «I think I can use ten of these.»«

Daniel Woodrell

Twists within Woodrell’s fiction: A fine interview with writer Daniel Woodrell (latest novel: The Maid’s Version) at The Bat Segundo Show. Listen to the Podcast at Reluctant Habits.

»Then as I worked on that book more and I had started to feel like it wasn’t working, I wanted to hold onto them in a prison, which is the Simenon book in The Twenty-Year Death. So as I started to think about expanding and what I might want to do, that’s when I came up with the idea of what would a mystery series look like if it wasn’t the detective that we saw from book to book. Like one of the secondary characters.«

Ariel S. Winter

Edward Champion talked at the Bat Segundo Show with writer Ariel S. Winter, author of the recently published 3-in-1-novel The Twenty-Year Death. Listen to the interview at Reluctant Habits.