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»Peace is a great writer, but it seems like he deserves a critical drubbing for Red or Dead. You never know, maybe he’ll receive a phone call from a fellow writer from across the pond who’ll tell him, »Don’t worry pal, I’ve been there.««

Steve Powell

In his fine blog The Venetian Vase Steve Powell writes about the resemblance and the difference of James Ellroy and David Peace and why it seems that history repeats itself.

»It’s amazing how much power it generates from such brutally limited means — although I shudder to think that for Peace, two novels into a horrifying trilogy about postwar Japan, the composition of these 700-plus pages probably brought a bit of light relief.«

Anthony Cummins

Portrait of Bill Shankly: Anthony Cummins about the novel Red or Dead by David Peace. His review at The Spectator.

»As well as some genuinely funny moments, there is a deep seam of melancholy running through Red Or Dead, something that becomes most evident after Shankly retires and struggles to adapt to a quieter life.«

Doug Johnstone

An elegy to the beautiful game: Doug Johnstone about Red Or Dead, the latest novel by David Peace. His review you will find at The Independent.