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»Bestselling crime writer and former stand-up comedian Mark Billingham has always been obsessed with the creative criminal minds of the past. Here Mark sets out to detect the clues dropped, in the radio archives, by his favourite crime writers: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dame Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, PD James and Henning Mankell.«


A information for an upcoming crime fiction programm: Mark Billingham’s Rule Book Of Crime. Billingham scours the BBC Radio archive in search of the best examples of dramatised crime fiction. His programm will start Saturday, March, 2nd 2013 at BBC Radio 4. More about the programm you will find here and you can listen to it at Radio 4.

»It is a masterly survey, illustrated by interviews with many of the writers and his fellow students of the genre. It is also massive, broadcast across three weeks (last week, this one and next) and so scholarly that Lawson could submit it for a doctoral thesis.«

Gillian Reynolds

Gillian Reynolds reviews Radio 4’s Foreign Bodies by Mark Lawson. Read more at

In Foreign Bodies: A History Of Modern Europe Through Literary Detectives, (tx from 22nd October) Lawson investigates the tensions and trends of Europe since the Second World War by focusing on some of the celebrated investigators from European fiction, and their creators.

The series accompanies dramatizations of all the Martin Beck novels, starring actor Stephen Mackintosh in the title role. Written by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö the novels are widely acknowledged as some of the most important and influential crime fiction ever written.

The 15-part series Foreign Bodies: A History Of Modern Europe Through Literary Detectives will be broadcast on Radio 4 over three weeks, at 1.45pm from Monday 22 October to Friday 9 November.

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