Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Politics

Möchten Sie Depeschen mit anderen Leitworten wählen?

»Does anyone remember how we got dragged into the Iraq war – apart obviously from the dodgy dossier composed with the complicity of MI6? We went to war on the strength of information supplied by two ingenious fabricators.«

John le Carré

The influence of spies has become too much: Author John le Carré on secret courts, surveillance and the excessive influence of the CIA and MI6 on democratic institutions. His essay at The Guardian.

»Ultimately, like Walden, I have reservations about crime writers using novels to preach their political views, even if they are distinguished as le Carré.«

Steve Powell

A worth reading blogspot by Steve Powell: Should Crime Novels Be More Political? Read more at Steve’s blog The Venetian Vase.