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»Finally, Lost Girls is a case study in the profound impact of the Internet, and particularly Craigslist, on the business of buying and selling sex.«

Philip Marchand

Open Book: Philip Marchand about the book Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker. His review at the National Post.

»The reader can assume that Le Carré, now 81, has a limited number of such productions left in him. If it is unlikely he will verge significantly from his formula in the future we can still be grateful for what we have in such well crafted specimens of his art as A Delicate Truth

Philip Marchand

It is some of us versus some of them in the latest novel from the espionage master, says Philip Marchand. His review about John Le Carré’s A Delicate Truth you will find at the National Post.

»In the nearer future, crime-novel aficionados will be curious to see how long Joyce can keep successfully mining the world of professional hockey for his material. There are certainly facets of that world — its violence, its corruption, money, sex — that should keep Joyce’s hero going for quite a while.«

Philip Marchand

G.B. Joyce’s new hockey noir finds darkness in rural enclaves, Philip Marchand says. His review about The Black Ace you can read at the National Post.