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»Yet for all of the deft character touches Connelly layers in the book, The Gods of Guilt is first and foremost a propulsive, engaging legal thriller that for sheer courtroom drama surpasses the bestselling The Fifth Witness, which earned Connelly the 2012 Harper Lee Prize for legal fiction.«

Paula L. Woods

Legal thriller game: Paula L. Woods about the new thriller The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly. Her review at Los Angeles Times.

»Their elevation by Weinman for this groundbreaking anthology is not only a confirmation of the lasting power of domestic fiction to engage and entertain but to the legitimate place of these pioneering writers in the mystery canon.«

Paula L. Woods

The women’s touch — hardboiled and cold-blooded: Paula L. Woods about the new collection Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives , edited by Sarah Weinman. Her review at the Los Angeles Times.

»In the process, Killer Ambition presents a refreshing and suspenseful portrayal of high-stakes trials, criminal lawyers on both sides of the aisle and the strategies behind their every move.«

Paula L. Woods

In the courtroom: Paula L. Woods about the novel Killer Ambition by Marcia Clark. Her review at the Los Angeles Times.