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»A Tap on the Window is a rich stew, sometimes bitter but spiced with laughter. Most thrillers are deadly serious, but tragedy and comedy are hopelessly intermingled, and some writers try to integrate them.«

Patrick Anderson

Thrillers with a twist: Patrick Anderson about A Tap on the Window by Linwood Barclay. His review at The Washington Post.

»I don’t know if this novel reflects what it’s like to be a lawyer in Los Angeles, but if you have any young friends who aspire to a legal career, don’t give them this book.«

Patrick Anderson

Murder and mayhem stalk this most dysfunctional Los Angeles law firm. Patrick Anderson about the thriller Corrupt Practices by Robert Rotstein. Read the review at The Washington Post.

»The moral I draw from this richly detailed, terribly sad book is that, since prostitution will never be eliminated, it should be legalized. If people who work as prostitutes were employed by well-regulated brothels, like those that exist in Nevada, they would be far safer, sexual diseases would be minimized and taxes would be paid. But our puritanical, hypocritical society — acting through lawmakers who proclaim »family values« but are not infrequently caught with their pants down — chooses to keep the oldest profession in the shadows, where predatory men kill foolish, often troubled women, often with impunity.«

Patrick Anderson

Lost Girls is a book about a grisly investigation into the murder of prostitutes on Long Island and abouth the culture of sexual violence. Patrick Anderson reviews this true crime report by Robert Kolker at The Washington Post.