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»Love Story, with Murders is a dark delight, and I look forward to Fiona’s future struggles with criminals, her demons and the mysteries of her past.«

Patrick Anderson

Variously wry, unexpected and perverse: Patrick Anderson about the novel Love Story, with Murders by Harry Bingham. His review at The Washington Post.

»Dolan is an inventive, offbeat writer who manages to provide an entertaining mystery and a scary look at psychopaths who do horrific things to people. His David Malone novels deserve the praise they’ve received. Most likely, we’ll keep learning more about the trouble-prone Mr. Malone for years to come.«

Patrick Anderson

Third novel about David Malone: Patrick Anderson about The Last Dead Girl by Harry Dolan. His review at The Washington Post.

»Note that many of these stories turn on simple theft, of diamonds or candlesticks or a lottery ticket; they hark back to simpler days before the modern thriller began to provide endless serial killers and ax murderers for our edification. To read today’s talented crime writers can be a pleasure, but it’s good to be reminded that they build on the work of others whose talents remain undimmed. «

Patrick Anderson

Yuletide fun and crime: Patrick Anderson about the anthology Big Book of Christmas Mysteries, edited by Otto Penzler. His review at The Washington Post.