Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Parker

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»Parker ist ein gut geeigneter Leseeinstieg in Parkers Welt, aber auch ein Genuss für beschlagene Stark-Fans.«

Thomas Klingenmaier

Thomas Klingenmaier stellt neben Krimis und Filmen auch Comics und Graphic Novels vor. Aktuell zum Beispiel Parker von Darwyn Cooke. Seine Kritik gibt es frisch bei Killer & Co.

Parker’s Rules

  • Don’t ever show a gun to a man you don’t want to kill.
  • Don’t talk to the law.
  • Always split the money fair.
  • Each man for himself.
  • Don’t kill somebody unless you have to. It puts the law on you like nothing else.
  • Never leave a guy alive who’d like to see you dead.
  • Don’t let yourself be framed in a lit doorway.
  • Don’t meet in a town where you’re going to make a hit.
  • Don’t stay in the hotel where you’re going to make a hit.
  • Don’t take a job on consignment.
  • Don’t work with anyone you can’t trust or don’t respect.
  • When there’s no place to hide, stay where you are.
  • Any job that requires more than five guys to be pulled can’t be pulled.
  • For a big enough score, any rule can be broken.

So some guys are not into lists. But I think this one is important – not only for crime fiction readers: Parker’s fourteen Rules. Read, learn, follow – at 50 Years of Parker, dedicated to Richard Stark’s hero and published by the University of Chicago Press. Thanks, guys!

»I’ve always loved genre movies, but Parker is the first one I’ve directed.«

Taylor Hackford

Film director Taylor Hackford about his film adaption of Parker, the literary creation of Donald E. Westlake. His article you will find at Los Angeles Times.