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»Part history lesson, part tribute, Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives is a must-have for crime-fiction readers.«

Oline H. Cogdill

An overdue look at the forgotten women of mystery fiction: Oline H. Cogdill about the anthology Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives, edited by critic Sarah Weinman. Her review at The Seattle Times.

»Bad Monkey is the closest Hiaasen comes to a police procedural, but true to form, it also is a look at the ludicrous ways of Florida, such as the true bait-and-switch in which a dead sailfish is surreptitiously placed on a tourist’s line.«

Oline H. Cogdill

Carl Hiaasen’s latest spoof involves an unattached arm, a good cop and a nasty monkey. Oline H. Cogdill reviews the new novel Bad Monkey at the Miami Herald.