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»Susan Choi’s fantastic new novel, My Education, can be roughly described as an academic novel, but it pushes the form and makes it thrilling, not cozy.«

Meg Wolitzer

The novel My Education by Susan Choi is a thrilling, ‚educational‘ affair, says Meg Wolitzer. Her review at NPR Books.

»The world-weary hipster voice and the absurdist perspective of Claire DeWitt and The Bohemian Highway are what really hold a susceptible reader spellbound. Think of the noir-inflected novels of Paul Auster or even the labyrinthine stories of Jorge Luis Borges.«

Maureen Corrigan

American Mystery Finds A New Voice On ‚The Bohemian Highway‘: Maureen Corrigan about the novel Claire DeWitt and The Bohemian Highway by Sara Gran. Her review at NPR Books.

»We lived way out in the country, and my mother would go once a week shopping, and she would go to the Red & White or the A&P to pick up her groceries. And I would immediately beat feet to Robert’s Drugstore, where they had a couple of those turn-around wire racks with the hard-boiled paperbacks that usually featured a girl with scanty clothing on the front. … The teaser line that I always loved the most was for a novel called Liz where it said, ‚She hit the gutter and bounced lower.‘ … I loved that, and the one on the front of Joyland says« — he lowers his voice — » ‚Who dares enter the funhouse of fear?’«

Stephen King

Walk down memory lane: Terry Gross in conversation with Stephen King about his latest novel Joyland. You can hear the interview or read the transcript at NPR books.