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»Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Marisha Pessl’s Night Film is that it’s the first book ever written about the legendary director Stanislas Cordova.«

Ron Charles

Finding the truth: Ron Charles about the novel Night Film by Marisha Pessl. His review at The Washington Post.

»Ton und Ambiente sind düsterer als in Pessls Erstling und erinnern an Raymond Chandlers Hard-Boiled-Krimis.«

Michèle Binswanger

Schön, begabt und ein Hang zum Horror: Beim Tages-Anzeiger stellt Michèle Binswanger die Autorin Marisha Pessl vor, deren zweiter Roman Night Film jetzt erscheint.

»There is a haunting suspicion running all through Night Film: that this book was more exciting to write than to read, and that Ms. Pessl reveled too contentedly in the universe she created.«

Janet Maslin

Night Film, Marisha Pessl’s follow-up to her first novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, focuses on a mad genius filmmaker. A review of the book by Janet Maslin you will find at The New York Times.