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»The end of Night Film leaves us with more questions than answers, which is both beautiful and appropriate for a novel that resists clear solutions and buries mystery within mystery.«

Edan Lepucki

»What Night Film gives us, finally, is a competing digital world, one that’s entirely under Pessl’s control, one in which she suffers no risk of exposure.«

Maggie Doherty

Use your illusion & The novelist goes to the movies: Read two reviews on Marisha Pessl’s Night Film. Edan Lepucki and Maggie Doherty about the novel – at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Indeed, Night Film’s most intelligent streak is its message that while we love to terrify ourselves with imagined horrors (people possessed by demons, etc.), the real monsters are other human beings.«

Marjorie Celona

Marisha Pessl’s mystery about a dark director might be better onscreen, Marjorie Celona says. Her review about Night Film, the latest novel by Ms. Pessl, you will find at the National Post.

»Night Film nods to most of the contemporary western canon, from Sam Spade and Stanley Kubrick to The Raven and The Ring

Elena Seymenliyska

A mind-altering thriller: Elena Seymenliyska about the novel Night Film by Marisha Pessl. Her review at The Telegraph.