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»Hoffmann’s story is a timeless nightmare, and you feel that Freud could not have begun his examination of the human subconscious without him (we should remember that Freud was a first-rate reader, and those who object to his case histories ought perhaps to look at them again, as stories). Hoffmann is still influential, as both a literary and a psychological innovator – it is remarkable that this story is approaching its 200th anniversary – and this volume serves as an excellent introduction.«

Nicholas Lezard

A timeless nightmare that taught Freud a thing or two: Nicholas Lezard about the story The Sandman by E.T.A. Hoffmann. His review at The Guardian.

»I suppose it is a matter of honesty: the books are not trying to be anything other than themselves. Nevertheless, there hangs about them a suggestion of something dark and disturbing, profound almost, as if Simenon had, through a technique not very far from automatic writing, discovered something fundamental about the soul. Perhaps this is where the greatness of his books lies.«

Nicholas Lezard

The reissued edition of the first Inspector Maigret novel, Pietr the Latvian, captures perfectly the moral squalor of a seedy prewar Paris, says Nicholas Lezard. His review of the novel by Georges Simenon you will find at The Guardian.

»So, this is a murder story, but it is more than that – it is a picture of a society in flux, on the verge of the industrial revolution, where old customs were being swept aside.«

Nicholas Lezard

Sensational murders 200 years ago: Damn His Blood : Being a True and Detailed History of the Most Barbarous and Inhumane Murder at Oddingley and the Quick and Awful Retribution is a remarkable debut from a very canny storyteller, says Nicholas Lezard. His review of the book by Peter Moore at The Guardian.