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»Gradually, it grows clear that The Writing Master isn’t just a mystery or a romance; it’s a study of family unhappiness, mental illness and, above all, the condition of women in mid-19th-century America. For all the lightness of tone, it is filled with considerable darkness, and there is no assurance that all will end happily.«

Michael Dirda

From multiple points of view, Kitty Burns Florey, examines issues well beyond the murder at her novel’s center. Michael Dirda about The Writing Master at The Washington Post.

»Among all the surprises in The Hand of Kornelius Voyt, the most surprising may be its conclusion. But the book remains troubling on many scores, wobbling uneasily on that fine line between the supernatural and the rational.«

Michael Dirda

The Hand of Kornelius Voyt is a supernatural mystery tale by Oliver Onions (1873-1961). Michael Dirda with a review of the novel at The Washington Post.

»In The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker, John Edgar Browning gathers Stoker’s early poetry, some of his journalism, several interviews, a number of trivial short stories, the catalogue of his library, and many other odds and ends.«

Michael Dirda
Author and reviewer Michael Dirda about two books, which collected the forgotten writings of Bram Stoker: The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker, edited by John Edgar Browning and The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years, edited by Elizabeth Miller and Dacre Stoker.
His fine review at The Washington Post.