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»Presumed Innocent is a wildly innovative work of fiction that upends several genres at once while simultaneously creating an entirely new subgenre of its own. But after that book, Turow stopped innovating. His later books, including this year’s Identical, while all a cut above the general run of mystery novels, stay obediently within the proscribed lines of their genre.«

Michael Bourne

Not merely a well-crafted legal thriller: Michael Bourne about the novel Presumed Innocent (published in 2011) by Scott Turow. His review at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Looked at in this way, it isn’t hard to see why In Cold Blood so completely shattered Capote: in Perry Smith, and his check-kiting partner in crime Richard Hickock, Capote was encountering his nightmare image of himself, what he could become if he ever lost his chameleon-like talent.«

Michael Bourne

‘God, Let Me Be Loved’: The Tragedy of Truman Capote. A portrait by Michael Bourne at The Millions.