Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Maureen Corrigan

»A lost world, with both its nostalgic allure and its barbarism, is captured in these pages.«

Maureen Corrigan

The Grand Tour: Around the World with the Queen of Mystery is a marvelous compendium of never-before-published letters and other texts by Agatha Christie. Maureen Corrigan reviews the book at The Washington Post.

»As its title suggests, Snow White Must Die possesses some of the excess and off-kilter eeriness of the original Grimms’ fairy tale, before Disney came along to give Snow White a princess makeover in pastels.«

Maureen Corrigan

According to Maureen Corrigan Snow White Must Die is a moody German mystery by Nele Neuhaus. Her review you can read at The Washington Post.

»While a time-honored formula and an intriguing résuméwill draw us into a suspense novel, they aren’t enough to make us stay put. The Accomplice turns out to be of those thrillers in which insider knowledge is sprinkled like particulate matter in a story that is otherwise as flat as Washington tap water.«

Maureen Corrigan

Maureen Corrigan about the thriller The Accomplice by Charles Robbins. Her review at The Washington Post.