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»The unemotional surface is just my preference as a writer; I think if the material is highly dramatic and in places actively lurid, as it is in this case, then you have to counteract it by adjusting the temperature of the prose.«

Emma Brockes

A mother, her daughter, and an incestuous, murdering father: MaryAnne Kolton interviews Emma Brockes about her book She left me the gun. Read the interview at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Since I was always awake early, I used to lie there and look at the books. They had exotic titles like Eyeless in Gaza, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Cloud Howe, The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde, The Big Sleep. And the writers had weird names like Aldous Huxley and Lewis Grassic Gibbon. They became very familiar to me as I stared at them every morning, never drawing a distinction between what might be classed as »literature«, and the court and crime mysteries of bestsellers like Erle Stanley Gardner or Raymond Chandler.«

Peter May

Digging Into Crimes: MaryAnne Kolton interviews Peter May. Read more at Los Angeles Review of Books.