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»A lot of people think of The Shining as one of the most scary books that they’ve read in their lives. (…) And I’ll say ‚well yes, you were 14 years old, you were away at summer camp and you were reading with a flashlight under the covers. Of course I scared you, you were easy!«

Stephen King

Stephen King says that he wrote Doctor Sleep, the sequel to his horror classic The Shining, because the character of the psychic boy Danny ’never really left my mind‘. Martin Chilton with a short portrait at The Telegraph.

»The book deals with important and interesting issues – what do you do to lift the gloom when three quarters of the world is starving and around you the economy and society is falling apart – but the issues lose their way in the constant violence.«

Martin Chilton

The Hit, a teen thriller by Melvin Burgess, is about a new euthanasia drug called Death. Martin Chilton reviews the book at The Telegraph.

»In what is a subtle coming-of-age tale and a chilling thriller, Alex comes back from Amsterdam a different boy — with more understanding towards his absent mother — and the tale is wrapped up with an unsettling dark twist.«

Martin Chilton

Through Dead Eyes is a powerful teen chiller, Martin Chilton says. His review about the book by Chris Priestley you can read at The Telegraph.